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What’s Included within the Atlas App Suite?

Atlas V2021.2.8 arrives with 10 Atlas Elements consisting of Atlas Assessment, App Awareness, Data Management, Data Utilization, Forwarder Awareness, Scheduling Assistant, Scheduling Inspector, ES Helper, Search Library, and STIG Compliance. Atlas can be installed with all or only a few of these elements, based on your current needs.

Atlas Assessment

The Atlas Assessment element performs a health check on the current Splunk Environment, and recommends corrective measures that Atlas can assist with. For more information about Atlas Assessment, click here.  

App Awareness

The App Awareness element gives Admins visibility into how their apps & dashboards are or aren’t being utilized, and performs a configuration check on versions across the environment. For more information about App Awareness, click here.  

Data Management 

The Data Management element allows users to request data, view an inventory of all data by sourcetype, and automate alerting of dropped or missing data. For more information about Data Management, click here.  

Data Utilization 

The Data Utilization element enables Admins and Users to quickly identify how Index-Sourcetypes are being used across ad-hoc searches, scheduled searches, and dashboards, if they are being used at all! For more information, check out this link!

Forwarder Awareness 

The Forwarder Awareness element allows users to view and turn on alerts for forwarder data and status, including failures. For more information about Forwarder Awareness, click here

Scheduling Assistant 

The Scheduler Assistant element reveals your current Splunk concurrency health, identifies pain points that can hurt Splunk usability and report accuracy, and offers tools to improve scheduling to reduce concurrency errors and improve performance. For more information about Scheduling Assistant, click here

Scheduling Inspector 

The Scheduling Inspector element reveals Scheduled Searches with possibly improper configurations, showcasing alerts that may be missing data, or searches that may be over-taxing your environment based on time spans. It also identifies and helps users remedy orphan searches as well. For additional details, follow this link!

ES Helper

The ES Helper element helps Enterprise Security owners identify next steps for improving their data collection by scoring your current data model coverage and identifying possible high-priority target Sourcetypes to ingest next. For more information on ES Helper, check out this link!

Search Library 

The Search Library element contains a collection of pre-built searches with detailed SPL query and search descriptions. This component also enables users to create and save custom searches. For more information about Search Library, click here.

STIG Compliance

The STIG Compliance element makes STIG monitoring and reporting easy, by ingesting any Checklist file and enabling users to create and define systems for accurate reporting. Pair this with our Puppet Modules to automate not only reporting but with compliance. If you wish to learn more, review this overview, or reach out to Kinney Group!


Updated on December 13, 2021

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