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What’s Included with Atlas Core?

The core components of the Atlas platform are Data Management, Forwarder Awareness, Scheduler Assistant, and Search Library. 

Data Management 

The Data Management component allows users to request data, view an inventory of all data by sourcetype, and monitor the status of requests. For more information about Data Management, click here.  

Forwarder Awareness 

The Forwarder Awareness component allows users to view forwarder data and status, including failures. For more information about Forwarder Awareness, click here

Scheduler Assistant [BETA] 

The Scheduler Assistant component shows which searches are running, when they run, and if there are conflicts between scheduled searches. For more information about Scheduler Assistant, click here

Search Library 

The Search Library component contains a collection of pre-built searches with detailed SPL query and search descriptions. This component also enables users to create and save custom searches. For more information about Search Library, click here

Updated on November 9, 2020

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