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What Are Reference Designs?

Kinney Group’s Reference Designs are documents created by KGI engineers to communicate the essential aspects of a technological system. The Reference Design enables the reader to adopt and adapt that system. It includes an overview, design details, and results of the solution. 

Three Powerful Benefits of Modernizing your Splunk Environment, from Kinney Group and Pure Storage. 

A powerfully engineered solution that provides reduces server counts while improving Splunk performance. 

Download this Reference Design at https://kinneygroup.com/pure/

Pure Storage: Managed Services Provider Variant 

The same powerful results of the original reference design utilizing more affordable hardware such as Arista switching and Intel white label servers. 

Contact KGI here to access this whitepaper. 


Deploying Splunk on Diamanti’s full-stack solution outperforms a similarly built AWS infrastructure with less risk, better results, and lower total cost of ownership. 

Contact KGI here to access this whitepaper. 

Updated on November 9, 2020

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