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What’s Included With an Atlas Subscription?

Atlas comes with a full toolkit for ensuring your Splunk adoption journey is as painless, fast, and outcome-driven as possible. Review the following to get a glimpse on what Atlas currently has to offer. To access any of these items, contact your Customer Success Manager.

The Atlas Application Suite

The Atlas Application Suite is a collection of Atlas elements that rest on your Splunk Search Head. These elements ensure a fast and easy adoption of Splunk for not just your users, but your admins as well, and help tame the vast wilderness of managing the complex ecosystem of Splunk. Follow this link for a brief overview on all our current Atlas Elements.

Expertise On Demand

Expertise On Demand is your personal Splunk Subject Matter Expert, who will lead you on your Splunk Journey. With our service process, we will provide Splunk help where you need it most, from building dashboards and searches, to onboarding data. Pretty much any Splunk use case is within scope for our Experts, and we can even help with educating future Splunk users as well!

Reference Designs

For those setting up new instances of Splunk who want the best environments for the best performance, look no further! With Atlas Reference Designs, we will recommend deployment hardware and strategies that will get the most from your Splunk Deployment with the necessary number of resources. Learn more by following this link!

Compliance Modules

Compliance can be a headache and can lead to a lot of wasted time and energy. With our Atlas Puppet STIG Compliance Modules, you can use Puppet to quickly and easily to put Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 & 8 systems into compliance with STIGs. These Puppet modules have been designed to provide the flexibility that is required for putting exceptions in place when certain things cannot be enforced on system. Finally, these modules integrate directly with the STIG Compliance Splunk to provide unprecedented visibility into your compliance body of evidence.

Updated on January 7, 2022

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