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Understanding the Scheduling Assistant

The Scheduling Assistant Element gives users and admins visibility into their environment concurrency issues like never before. Not only will the Scheduling Assistant give visuals to identify concurrency chokepoints, it will also summarize this complex analysis into a Health Score and offer the tools to improve Splunk environments without needing to get into the weeds and perform intensive investigations.

The Health Score on Scheduling Activity dashboard is a great starting point for understanding where Splunk environment are with regards to Concurrency. It performs an analysis on the environment and then will report on a scale of 1 to 10 on how well the environment is handling and scheduling searches. To learn more about how the score is calculated, look at the ‘How is the Health Score Calculated’ help text!

Managing Concurrency is important in Splunk Environment. Bad management can lead to skipped searches, where critical alerts or dashboard populating searches fail to operate. Concurrency can also impact performance of general usability of Splunk, with users noticing slower search results and being placed in queues.

Further below, the Scheduling Activity dashboard outlines a high-level view of searches, by offering visualizations for identifying Scheduled Searches that can be improved from a concurrency standpoint. Click here to learn more about how to identify problematic searches.

On Scheduling Assistant dashboard, a user can identify additional searches by their history with latency and skipping, but users can improve their cron scheduling, all within the Atlas Element! Click here to learn how to use our Atlas’s powerful tools to fix a problematic search!

For admins unfamiliar with the nature of Cron Scheduling, or lack online resources for crafting Cron Schedule, Atlas aids with the Cron Helper dashboard. Review examples and see how Cron works in human-readable output. Follow this link for additional help on using the Cron Helper.

Finally, Atlas’s Scheduling Assistant offers one of the best overviews of complex Splunk topics related to concurrency on the Scheduler Information dashboard. This Dashboard will show how Splunk environment limits are determined and display current configurations.

Updated on December 13, 2021

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