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STIG Compliance Overview

STIG Compliance is Atlas’ Splunk-based suite of tools that was built to help manage and automate many of the workflows related to hardening systems in accordance to DISA STIGs. The suite of tools provided within the STIG Compliance App can help you bring your compliance data into Splunk and get unprecedented visibility into the compliance posture of your systems through extensive analysis of your data.

Not only does the STIG Compliance Splunk App give you unprecedented visibility into your compliance status, it also provides you with many tools that you can use to manage and update your compliance data in the Splunk UI. Once you have updated your STIG compliance data from within Splunk, you can then export reports directly out of Splunk in a format that is still compatible with other tools.

STIG Compliance also helps you to get your data into Splunk. The STIG Compliance toolset provides Splunk Technical Add-ons that can parse your compliance data in their native formats and send them into Splunk automatically. There is no manual preprocessing of your compliance data required. This is powerful because now you can integrate with your existing tools like the DISA STIG Viewer and SCAP vulnerability scans to automate the data coming into Splunk regularly.

STIG Compliance Introduction
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Updated on December 17, 2021

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