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Understanding Data Management

Opening the Data Management app reveals three tabs: Data Management, Data Inventory, and Request Data. Users can request new data and edit or delete current data requests from all tabs. 

“Request Data” compiles all current and past data requests. 

Click the arrow (>) on the far left of any request to view metadata, including description, admin and request notes, and specific data information. 

The “Data Inventory” tab displays all data requests, and can be filtered by index, sourcetype, time range, and keyword search. The data can also be organized by number of events, license usage, and retention period. 

Clicking the arrow (>) to the far left of any data request reveals the data definition and sourcetype details. Click “Edit Definition” in this view to edit the definition. 

The “Data Management” tab displays total requests and definitions, which can be filtered by status, owner, owner business unit, app context, time last updated, and keyword search. Users can monitor and manage requests in the “DATA REQUESTS” dashboard.  

The “DATA DEFINITIONS” dashboard shows similar information for definitions; users can add a new definition and edit or delete current definitions here. 

Updated on December 13, 2021

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