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Understanding App Awareness

Opening App Awareness reveals 2 tabs, App Utilization and App Versions.

The App Utilization Dashboard enables admins to track utilization of their Splunk Environment by users and fellow admins.

Use this dashboard for identifying popular or non-utilized Splunk applications and understanding general Splunk utilization.

Selecting an app in the filter or in the table above re-orients the panels to inspect the utilization of dashboards on the selected application. This can identify underused or popular dashboards.

To leave this view, select ‘All’ in the App Filter.

The App Version dashboard provides a clear view into how the applications in your Splunk environment are versioned. If you have an app with multiple versions in your Indexer and Search Head layer, this may cause inconsistencies with your data and dashboards.

In this visual above, we can identify that one of our applications has multiple versions in our environment, and after selecting it, we can pinpoint where this issue arrises.

Updated on December 17, 2021

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