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Understanding Search Library

Atlas’s Search Library component enables users to access a collection of searches, including detailed information about the SPL query, use case, and tags corresponding to each search.  

The Search Library comes with several searches that the KGI team has found to be useful. The user also has the capability to create new searches to save to the library. The top banner shows the number of total searches, the number of custom searches, and the capability to create a new search. To learn more about creating a new search, click here

Users may filter the Search Library to view certain searches. To do so, check the box corresponding to the type of search you wish to view. Users may also filter by category, sourcetype, CIM datamodel, and tags. To search by query, keyword, and use case, use the “Search” bar. To clear all filters, click the “X” button on the right. To learn more about filtering the Search Library, click here.  

To learn how to view details of a search, click here.

To launch the search, click the “Launch Search” button on the right. To learn more about launching a search, click here

Clicking the “Search Activity” tab in the top bar menu will open the search activity list. 

The top banner of the search activity tab shows total searches, unique searches, and users. 

Users may filter the search activity list by apps, user roles, users, and time range. To search by query, keyword, and use case, use the “Search” bar. To clear all filters, click the “X” button on the right. 

The listed search activities are categorized by activity number, number of runs, run time, apps, users, roles, and query.  

Similarly to the search library tab, users may click the arrow (>) on the left of the activity number (#) field to view details of search activity. 

Updated on December 13, 2021

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