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Creating a New Data Request


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The Data Management Application Tile

Users can request new data in three different locations. The first is the “Request Data” tab.  

Click the “+” symbol, labeled “Request New Data,” at the far right of the top banner, to open a new data request window.  

The process is the same for the “Data Inventory” tab. 

The third way to request new data is through the “Data Management” tab.  

The ”DATA REQUESTS” ribbon, above a dashboard view of requests, includes a ”New Request” button on the far right. Clicking this button will open the same form as the other locations. 

The window that appears will prompt users to use dropdown menus to select a status, an app context, and a data ingest method for the request. Users can type to fill in the remaining fields. Hovering over the small blue question marks reveals additional context for the field values. Clicking “Show Dates” next to the “STATUS” menu reveals fields that describe when the request was created, resolved, added, and removed using a calendar menu. Click the green “Save” button in the bottom right of the window to save the new request, which will populate under “CURRENT REQUESTS”. 

Updated on November 12, 2020

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