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Atlas Platform Version Release & History

The following table contains the Atlas Platform’s Version History. The Atlas Platform contains multiple components described here, each with their own versioning schema.

View an overview of Atlas Element Versions here

To view the version of your Atlas Platform, check the header on the Atlas Core navigation bar.

Atlas Platform VersionRelease Date
Atlas V2021.2.92022/03/11
Atlas V2021.2.82021/12/15
Atlas V2021.2.72021/11/19
Atlas V2021.2.62021/09/30
Atlas V2021.2.52021/08/31
Atlas V2021.2.42021/08/17
Atlas V2021.2.32021/07/16
Atlas V2021.2.22021/05/26
Atlas V2021.2.12021/04/26
Atlas V2021.2.02021/03/31
Atlas V2021.1.32021/02/28

Atlas Version 2021.2.9

Atlas Core V1.3.1

  • Updated Assessment with additional findings
  • Updated Splunk Values visualization Atlas-wide for Splunk 8.2 visualization bug
  • Logging Improvements

App Awareness V1.1.0

  • Added tracking for Local Configuration Files
  • Updated Help Text for clarity
  • Improved handling and reporting clustered environments

Data Management V1.3.8

  • Improved speed of Data Inventory definitions
  • Logging Improvements

Data Utilization V1.2.1

  • Added filter and improved base search
  • Fixed dashboard ping capturing
  • Logging Improvements

ES Helper V1.2.4

  • Logging Improvements

Forwarder Awareness V2.1.2

  • Logging Improvements

Scheduling Assistant V1.3.6

  • Updated Calendar Visual on Scheduling Assistant
  • Rearranged Navigation Bar
  • Logging Improvements

Scheduling Inspector V1.1.3

  • Added User and App Filters
  • Logging Improvements

Search Library V1.1.5

  • No Change

Splunk Migration Helper V1.0.0

  • Release!
  • Audit your current environment for activity
  • Build a Migration Plan to track what Knowledge Objects need to be migrated
  • Report live progress against your custom Migration Plan
  • Ensure stability of environment post-migration

STIG Compliance V1.4.2

  • Updated STIG Library
  • Fixed Export and XML Paring issues
  • Fixed XML Paring Issues

Atlas Version 2021.2.8

Atlas Core V1.3.0

  • Speed and accuracy improvements to Atlas Assessment
  • Export popup added to tables on all Atlas Elements
  • Additional findings and visuals added to Atlas Assessment for Data Sprawl
  • Speed and Accuracy improvements to Data Sprawl findings
  • Shrunk Atlas Headers globally

App Awareness V1.0.0

  • New Element Released!
  • Identify which Splunk apps are and aren’t being utilized by Users
  • Identify which Splunk app dashboards are and aren’t being utilized by Users
  • Identify misconfigured Splunk apps that have version drift across your environment

Data Management V1.3.7

  • Improved Data Management to Data Inventory drilldown

Data Utilization V1.2.0

  • Accuracy improvements to Utilization calculations
  • Speed improvements to Utilization calculations

ES Helper V1.2.3

  • No Changes

Forwarder Awareness V2.1.1

  • Fixed Navigation Bar link to Scheduled Searches

Scheduling Assistant V1.3.5

  • Added new filter options for Concurrency Health and previewing schedules

Scheduling Inspector V1.1.2

  • Hide Delete option when unable to delete Orphan Searches
  • Improved refresh logic on main dashboard

Search Library V1.1.5

  • Improved Styling on the Element

STIG Compliance V1.4.1

  • Fixed edge cases and export issues
  • Added additional visualizations in the STIG Browser for multiple results

Atlas Version 2021.2.7

Atlas Core V1.2.1

  • New Atlas Assessment format and findings

Data Management V1.3.5

  • Added Data Priority to Data Inventory
  • Updated Obfuscation

Data Utilization V1.1.1

  • Updated Obfuscation
  • Updated KPIs on Data Utilization
  • Updated color thresholds
  • Splunk 8.1 Compatibility

ES Helper V1.2.3

  • Updated Obfuscation

Forwarder Awareness V2.1.0

  • Updated Obfuscation
  • Added Uptime to visualizations and tracking

Scheduling Assistant V1.3.4

  • Updated Obfuscation

Scheduling Inspector V1.1.1

  • Updated Obfuscation
  • Fixed terminology on modals

Search Library V1.1.4

  • Updated Obfuscation

STIG Compliance V1.4.0

  • Added recent Q4 Release of STIG Library
  • Improved stability and readability
  • Updated Obfuscation

Atlas Version 2021.2.6

Atlas Core V1.2.0

  • Atlas Audit Dashboard
  • Assessment Improvements
  • Clustered Search Head Deployment Improvements

Data Management V1.3.4

  • No Changes

Data Utilization V1.1.0

  • Improved the search process to capture more utilization faster
  • Added wildcard support to capture Wildcard searches
  • Added Index and Source filter options to widen or dive in deeper into utilization

ES Helper V1.2.2

  • No Changes

Forwarder Awareness V2.0.0

  • Added Forwarder Group System
  • Improved missing forwarder search

Scheduling Assistant V1.3.3

  • Fixed column naming errors
  • Improved concurrency math for larger environments
  • Additional bug fixes

Scheduling Inspector V1.1.0

  • Added Deletion ability for Orphan Searches from the dashboard
  • Added Summary Values for tracking high level output
  • Added ES Filter option to filter out Enterprise Security searches

Search Library V1.1.3

  • Updated names of KGI Searches to ‘Atlas Searches’

STIG Compliance V1.3.0

  • Added Blank STIG Creation Feature
  • Added Scan to STIG functionality
  • Additional Bug Fixes
Updated on March 9, 2022

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