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App Awareness Release Notes

To view all other Atlas Elements versions, follow this link!

To view dates tied to Atlas Platform releases, follow this link!

The following information contains the ES Helper release notes. Versions listed are related to the Application itself, and not the greater Atlas Platform Version.

To view your Atlas Platform version, check the header on the Atlas Core navigation bar. To view the version of an Atlas Element while in the application, select ‘Help’ in the top right, and then select ‘About’. The version of the current application should then be at the bottom of the modal.

App Awareness V1.1.1

  • Added Tracking for Local Configuration Files
  • Updated Help Text for clarity
  • Improved Clustered Search Head handling

App Awareness V1.0.0

  • New Element Released!
  • Identify which Splunk apps are and aren’t being utilized by Users
  • Identify which Splunk app dashboards are and aren’t being utilized by Users
  • Identify misconfigured Splunk apps that have version drift across your environment
Updated on February 15, 2022

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