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Adding a New Search

To create and save a custom search in the Atlas Search Library, click the “+” symbol on the right of the top banner labeled “Add New Search”. 

This will open a “New Search” window. 

In this window, enter a name for the search and a use case. These fields will be visible when the basic view of the search is listed in the Search Library. Hover over any of the blue question marks next to field titles to reveal additional information about the field.  

Users will enter the SPL of their search into the “SEARCH QUERY” field. Click “Show Alternatives” below “SEARCH QUERY” to reveal an additional field to input alternative SPL queries which provide a similar outcome. Clicking “Hide Alternatives” below “SEARCH QUERY” will conceal the alternative field(s).  

Select a category for the custom search from the dropdown menu labeled “CATEGORY.” 

Click the “CIM DATAMODELS,” “SOURCETYPE,” and TAGS” fields to prompt a dropdown menu of entries. Users can create new sourcetypes and tags in their respective fields by typing the new value.  

Type to fill in the “OWNER” and the optional “DEPENDENCIES” fields. Type to fill in the “DESCRIPTION OF SEARCH” and “TECHNICAL EXPLANATION” fields; these supply contextual information to users. 

Once the desired fields are filled, select the green “Save” button at the bottom right of the New Search window to save and create the new search.  

The new search will now be visible in the list of searches contained within the Search Library. 

To learn more about editing and deleting a custom search, click here

Updated on November 9, 2020

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