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Adding a Data Inventory Definition

Navigate to the “Data Management” tab of the Data Management app. 

Scroll past the “DATA REQUESTS” dashboard to see the “DATA DEFINITIONS” dashboard. Alternatively, minimize the “DATA REQUESTS” dashboard by clicking the arrow to the left of the ribbon. This dashboard shows active and inactive definitions. 

To create a new definition, click the “New Definition” button on the far right side of the “DATA DEFINITIONS” ribbon. 

A window labeled “New Data Definition” will appear. Use the dropdown menus to select the app context and data ingest method of the definition. Type to fill in the other fields. Click the green “Save” button in the bottom right to save the definition.  

The status of the new definition automatically populates as “Potential” in the “INACTIVE DEFINITIONS” list. Clicking the arrow (>) on the far left of the definition reveals the expanded metadata. 


Updated on November 9, 2020

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